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Friday, March 04, 2011


Dari zaman sekolah ke ITM then ke Universiti lepas tu kerja, aku sentiasa dikelilingi with a bunch of good frens. Ada dalam 5 orang kawan sekolah yg still in contact (thanks to FB) and sometimes we make time for lunch get together. Kawan masa ITM yang still close ada dalam 10 dah kira cam sisters. Dulu kami selalu gak ada gathering (makan la apa lagi) sambil catch up on things in our so called busy life.

Friends come and go....ada yang keep in touch and ada yang hilang terus. I'm about to leave my current job. This means I'll be leaving a wonderful group of friends. What makes this interesting is this group consist of people from different departments in my current company. We came from different background, age and personality. But we do have fun together. Our common get together involve food (OFF COZ!). Ada je acara makan kami. Latest is our makan2 @ Sakura JJ. When we had good food & wonderful companies, time really flies.... :)

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